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What Families Should Know About a "Caring Transition"

 February 2015

Part 1: Comprehensive Solutions

By Nan Hayes for Caring Transitions®

Throughout our lives we experience a variety of life transitions, most of which are prompted by major events.  Some events may be anticipated and celebrated as joyful occasions, such as moving to a first apartment, receiving a job promotion or getting married. Other incidents, like failing health, financial loss, the death of a spouse or divorce, are often unexpected and unwelcome.

Whether they are positive or negative, most major changes in life also trigger a change in home environment. This is what we refer to as a “home transition,” and includes moving, upsizing, downsizing, decluttering or remodeling. For example, when a couple marries they may move to a larger house and combine their personal possessions. As couple divorce, they divide their belongings and move again to separate homes. When a young adult is on their own for the first time, they may move their meager possessions into a starter home or apartment and begin to accumulate more things. Later in life, that process of accumulation is reversed and the process of downsizing an “empty nest” or moving from a large family home into a smaller, safer, more efficient space begins.  All of these scenarios are examples of home transition.

Projects associated with transition, to include packing, moving, buying, selling or downsizing a home, are often overwhelming for many people. Fortunately, Caring Transitions® has gained a unique perspective on home transitions by helping hundreds of families navigate the process.  Our industry expertise is based on lessons learned and shared among 200+ independently owned offices. We have used those lessons to define the common elements within most transitions and then develop services and information around these elements to improve the process. We know how to help families transform even the most difficult home transition into an opportunity for personal growth and positive change.  Our basic home transition strategies begin with


Comprehensive Solutions

Think about the last time you moved. Make a list of all the things you did to accomplish that move. Include everything on the list, not just the big things like hiring the moving van, but all the little items, such as transferring prescriptions, buying extra garbage bags, returning library books, or sending change-of-address notices.    Chances are your list is quite long. It may even take up several pages. If you were to move all over again, you may even be able to use those pages as a sort of guide. And chances are with that guide as a reminder, you may choose to do some things differently the second time around. Perhaps you would start your project sooner, or use time more effectively. Maybe you would spend more money on some services and less on others or you’d seek better referrals, or ask for additional help and advice.  You would create a better plan.

And if you moved often, the better your plan would become. The better your moves would become. Your projects would be less expensive and more efficient. The entire transition to a new living space would operate smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to settle into your new home quickly and comfortably. 

At Caring Transitions® we understand the value of a good plan. Think of us as someone who has experienced hundreds of moves and downsized hundreds, if not thousands of homes and experienced myriad estate sales and auctions. We review the scope of every project in its entirely and offer a comprehensive solution. We provide much more than simple move management or organizing services, we provide a start-to-finish solution for your home transition.

By developing and following a comprehensive transition plan, everyone involved in the project can track the progress, notice potential issues before they arise, meet budgets and deadlines, and communicate more easily. The boost in efficiency can lead to cost savings and an increased return on investment for services hired or purchased.

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